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CRAFTS - Pagan crafts
Links to pages.

Spirit Online

Pagan Crafts and Recipes
crafts and recipes

Pentacle beaded earrings
simple instructions - even for newbies.

Useful Pagan Crafts
make your own tools and such.

Celtic Tarot in Cross-Stitch
Free patterns.

Sacred Spiral
Craft page

Elizabethan Costuming Page
Tons of ideas, help and links to making your own gowns or ren-faire wear.

The Smock Pattern Generator
A personal favorite. It really works!

Sue's Home
Check out the cross stitch freebie finder. Thousands of free patterns!!!

Pagan crafts list home page.


Henriette's Herbal Homepage
Huge site with lots of links.

The Old Craft
Herbal remedies and folk medicine.

The Herbal Encyclopedia
THE site for herbs. Vast!!! Includes uses - both magickal and mundane.

A Modern Herbal
More herbal info.

The United Herbal Archives
Another Large site - magickal and mundane.
Skip the shopping portion and check out the "Experts"section. Lots of information on growing.

Their Herb section has a drop-down menu for individual herbs. Also sections on flowers and vegetable. Great for the novice gardener.

Directory of herbs - growing and uses.
Brought to you by the folks at Penn State. Go Lions!!!


mirus' Moon Manor

Who am I?
A little about me - your gracious hostess.

My take on pagan unity.
A small rant.

My crafts
Stuff I do - for pretty.

Friends' pages
Friends and lists pages.

Graphics and midis and web help.
Pictures,music, and HTML & WebTV help.

Information - pagan or otherwise
Everything from spells to spelling

My page on natural beauty and remedies.

Plant Speak
The language of flowers.