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Celtic Web Art
Celtic images for free and links to other celtic sites.

A gasket company! But someone took the time to post a pile of free graphics and backgrounds.

Shady Lady Horror Gifs
Great site!

Dark Wolf's Demonic Graphics
Super graphics - easy to use drop down menu.

Galadriel's Creations
Beautiful sets and backgrounds. Check out the "Welcome" on Herbful Hints.

Pagan GIFs/Graphics/JPGs
Great graphics!!!

Draac's Free Gifs
HUGE!!!Over 500 backgrounds, 1000s of graphics (mostly animated), midis. and WebTV and HTML help. Definitely worth a look see.

Free Wiccan and Pagan Graphics
Tons of graphics. Use drop down menu and click on Spot on the bottom of the page to see more.

Barry's Clip Art Server
Lots of clip art.


70s Sound Machine
Super cool tunes!!!
Classical Midi Connection
Massive site - arranged by composer.
A search engine for midis.
60s - 90s MIDI File Archive
MASSIVE site!! Arranged by group or singer's last name.


WIZ's Help II
Web page help - mainly for webtv.

From the fine folks at Star Blvd. Shows images and URLs with scrapbook option.

Web Safe Color Palette
Gives the number of all the pretty colors. You know the web host never offers the exact shade of green you like.

HTML Quick Codes
Lots of codes.

Phil's WebTV Links Page
Plenty of WebTV links.

Webmonkey I Reference:HTML Cheatsheet
HTML codes from the group at Lycos.


mirus' Moon Manor

Who am I?
A little about me - your gracious hostess.

My take on pagan unity.
A small rant.

My crafts
Stuff I do - for pretty.

Crafts and herbs links.
What do you want to make today?

Friends' pages
Friends and lists pages.

Information - pagan or otherwise
Everything from spells to spelling.

My herbal beauty and health page.

Plant Speak
The language of flowers.