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This is really easy to do and looks like you spent hours on it.


beading or very thin needle
thread (I use quilting thread)
seed beads
clasp and jump rings
a piece of lace, trim, or patterned ribbon - not wired.

Decide what length you want. Cut the fabric to that length + 1/2 inch. Fold over 1/4 inch on each end and sew.

Attach clasp to one end and the jump ring to the other. You can form a "chain" with your jump rings to make it adjustable.

Now - thread your needle and decide how you want to apply the beads. I like to use ribbon with a design on it and use the beads for accent.

Stitch the beads on.

That's it. Experiment. this would look really pretty with a piece of lace and clear beads sewn on. Or you could add charms. Be creative. All I knw is that I've received a lot of compliments on mine. And people are so amazed when I say that I made it.


Material needed:

Glass globe - I picked mine up at Lowe's. The light fixture that is above your sink. The cheaper, the better.

Wire - I like to 16 gauge copper. It's very soft and easy to bend. But use whatever you have. A hanger would work.

Chain - heavy enough to support the weight and 3 or 4 lengths.

Tools - pliers and wire cutters.

First, cut your chain into equal lengths.
Thread one link of each chain onto the wire.
Cut the wire long enough to wrap around the lip of the globe twice.
Wrap the wire with the chains on it around the globe lip and twist to anchor.
Adjust the distance between your chains so the lantern will hang evenly.
Gather the free ends of the chains and loop them together with another piece of wire.
Insert a tea light or votive candle, and light.
Watch everyone go ohh and ahh.


I saw these on an online auction for $15.00 and said "yeah right - I can make this."

Materials needed:

Clear glass christmas balls
Elmer's@ glue - I like this because it's really easy to clean up.
Thread or embroidery floss - I use red. But pick whatever color suits your needs.
Dried herbs - I use rosemary, basil, dill for general well-being and protection.I also throw in a little patchouli for prosperity.
Pins Wax or melted candle bits

Take the top off of the ball and set it aside.
Place a thin bead of glue around the ball horizontally.
Wrap the thread around and covering the thread. I wrap 9 times.
Smear a little glue on top of the thread to seal it.
Don't worry if it gets on the glass - clean up later.
Do the same thing in the opposite direction. You'll end up with a cross on both sides of the ball.
Set aside to dry over-nite.

The next day, trim any excess thread from the opening of the ball.
Empower and place your herbs inside.
Drop some pins in - again I use 9.
Place in some little pieces of thread.
Smear some glue around the opening and put the top back on.
Let dry for an hour or so.
Melt your wax and dip the top of the ball into it to seal the opening.
Clean up any glue over-spill with a q-tip and a little water.
Voila - you're done!

Hang this in your front door or the window nearest your front door.
The troubles come in, get trapped in the ball, pricked by the pins, tangled in the threads, and neutralized by the herbs.
If your ball gets really dirty or breaks - get rid of it. I would suggest burying it in a spot that no one will disturb.


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