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OK People

I know there are some who won't agree with me, some who will, and some who will be outright offended. But this is simply my opinion.

I am so sick and tired of all the in-fighting within our community.
No wonder the mainstream population doesn't take us seriously!
If we can't learn to agree on SOMETHING, how can we present a united front to those who would see us crammed back into the broom closet?

NO one path is correct and proper.
Everyday is a learning and growing opportunity. One we should take advantage of.
I am a kitchen witch. I have no real interest, at this point, in the Druidic (for example) path. But that does not mean that it is wrong for those who follow it.

None of us are better than the other. Simply different.
That is one of the reason I chose this path - the diversity.
We should learn to rejoice and celebrate the differences in one and other. Listen and learn. Not preach and look down upon - save that for the chrisians!

Until we can learn to unify and put aside our theological differences, we will never be regarded as anything more than "tree-huggers" at best. Satanists at worst.

We have the opportunity to make ourselves heard.
Paganism - in its many forms - is one of the fastest growing "religions" in the world. I say religion for lack of a better word.
We have the opportunity to make a real difference on this planet of ours.
Let's not blow it!!!

Much love to you all-



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