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Who am I?

Good question. Let's see if I can answer that.

First, I'm a 30ish female.
I'm a practicing witch of the eclectic kitchen variety.
I am also Wiccan. Although it's harder to keep the Rede some days than others.
The Wiccan Rede? I forget that some visitors are new to this way.

An' it harm none, do what ye will.

Pretty basic - but some days I'd like to zap someone good and hard!
For me, this also means not harming yourself either.
Just think about what you do before you do it.
Does it interfere with someone else's life or free will - don't do it.

That's not to say that you can't pray for someone.
Prayers are YOURS - your power, your wishes sent to the Mother and Father.
I pray for those I love all the time.

I live with my man - married in every sense but the legal.
And an old old cranky cat who owns us.
I haven't been blessed with the gift of children.
It's hard at times, but I have two nephews who think I'm crazy enough to be interesting.
Is there any love as pure as that of a child's?

My familly accepts my path.
The only question my mother had was would I still celebrate Christmas with the family?
Yes, not as a religious holiday, but as a time of sharing and caring.

I don't follow a specific tradition.
I make it up as I go.
That's what I love about being eclectic.
I try to write my own rituals and prayers - that's why everything changes from moon to moon.
I think it's important to try to create something of your own - it comes from YOU and adds a personal touch.

I'm trying to recapture the spirit of the old village wise woman.
Very basic and simple.
I in no way look down on those who practice high ritual or who are not Wiccan.
To each his own.
The Path has many different side roads.

My primary love is herbs.
My goal is to eliminate as many store bought products from my home as possible.
I like to make my own toiletries, cleaning supplies, and try to use natural remedies.
PLEASE do not take this as condemnation of conventional medicine - it's there for a reason.
But I give myself a little lavender oil head massage for a headache before I pop a Tylenol.

Personally, I believe that being a witch is more than keeping the Sabbats and Esbats - to me , it's a way of life, to be incorporated into every aspect of my being.
I've spoken to others who say that they always knew they were different; that becoming a witch felt like "coming home".
I believe that we are called to this Path - we do not choose it.
OK - enough on that.

I practice tarot cards - never got the "feel" for runes.
I love to make stuff.
I sew, do cross stitch, a little bead and jewelry work, herbal stuff - a jack of all crafts, master of none.

I read and read and read.
I always have.
Books are our most important tool.
The internet is great - but there's nothing like the feel of cracking open a new book - where will you go, who will you meet, what will you learn.
And it's portable.

I love my little garden.
Last year was my first attempt.
Everything turned out so well.
This year I'm going a little nuts I'm afraid.
Herbs, herbs, herbs, and a few flowers to make it pretty.
My 4 year old nephew helps me.
He is old enough to understand that you have to be gentle with the baby plants.

Well gang, that's about all for now.
I'm sure I'll be updating this from time to time.

later and love



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